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Living geometry

Illustrates driving pleasure of the future

MKT has developed a kinetic sculpture using CANopen drives from Faulhaber for BMW’s 100th anniversary “Iconic Impulses” exhibition.

(Photo: Faulhaber)

In celebration of their 100th anniversary, the BMW Group commissioned the development of the "Iconic Impulses" exhibition. The approach taken by MKT is to explain the complexity of the modern world in a simple manner and yet still create a unique experience for the visitor. "Our strength is to concisely summarize technically complex and complicated facts and literally make them tangible", explained chairman Alex Haschkamp. The German company realizes unique exhibits, multimedia presentations, interactive installations or descriptive models, whereby the viewer is generally invited to interact.

(Photo: Faulhaber)

For the anniversary of the BMW Group, a kinetic-digital exhibit was created for each of the brands. Embedded in a concentric room concept, it activates the imagination of the viewer. For the Mini, for example, a digital light sculpture was developed that aligns its individual interplay of color with the heartbeat of the visitor, thereby reflecting its uniqueness. In the brand space of BMW, a kinetic sculpture explains to the user from the future of mobility. Hundreds of extremely thin carbon scales, arranged in a spherical shape, fascinate as a shape-shifter. They move elegantly and fluidly and represent the agility that will embody the vehicles of the future – according to the vision of the BMW developers. Already today, the BMW brand stands for pure driving pleasure. The fascination of driving will continue to intensify in the future, of that the BMW developers are certain. New technologies will allow the driver to constantly and intuitively exchange information with their vehicle. This will expand the driver’s spectrum of perception and make them an "Ultimate Driver" – the best driver there ever was.

The kinetic sculpture uses 92 linear LM 2070 motors controlled via CANopen (Photo: Faulhaber)

MKT implemented the kinetic sculpture twice: one exhibit with 92, the other with 42 LM 2070 (“Quickshaft”) linear motors supplied by Faulhaber. "The complex control system had to function silently and agilely," explained Axel Haschkamp from MKT. "We imagined beautiful, dynamic movements. For this reason, we decided on drives from Faulhaber: they do that effortlessly and reliably." The control system was realized with CANopen motion controllers.

Looking into the sculpture: The larger version comprises 92 linear motors (Photo: Faulhaber)

"In collaboration with the motion control experts from us, the cycle times of the complete system could be optimized and fascinating, flowing movements achieved," explained Andreas Eiler, who was responsible at Faulhaber for this project. For the shape-shifter with 42 motors, the strokes had a radius of 300 mm to 400 mm; for the model with 92 motors, the radius ranged from 350 mm to 430 mm.

During BMW’s anniversary year, the "Iconic Impulses" exhibit thrilled visitors in Munich, Beijing, London, and Los Angeles. The exhibit can still be viewed in 2017 in the Double Cone of BMW Welt in Munich.


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