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With embedded CAN networks

Published 2017-10-05

Several manufacturers of turnstiles provide CAN interfaces for their products. Cmolo (China) is one of them using CAN in airport turnstiles.

Turnstiles are used to allow one person to pass at a time (Photo: Cmolo)

One of the turnstile applications is on airports. They are used for self-service boarding gates, self-service customs clearance as well as VIP, staff, and permit documents gates. Cmolo, one of the market-leading Chinese turnstile manufacturers offers as the European competitors a broad range of products not just for airport applications. These products come optionally with CAN connectivity.

The airport self-boarding turnstiles can be equipped with fingerprint identification units or with recognition units for face, iris, palm, or retina. Additionally, the Chinese company provides ID card, passport, and visa as well as ticket readers. These units can be connected to the CAN network. Such modular turnstile control systems are also available for railway and metro stations, fairgrounds, commercial facilities, etc.

Besides CiA member Kaba, also the Austrian company Axess uses CAN networks as embedded communication system. A typical example is the weatherproof AX500 smart gate. The modular system features motion-sensor triggered opening for hands-free access with adjustable speed. Of course, the gate also provides a ticket or card scanner. Barcode readers are available as well. For user-specific functions, the company offers the TA111 I/O module.