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CES 2018

Aptiv and Lyft provide AMoD services in Las Vegas

During CES 2018, automated driving cars provide customers rides through the city to different locations. The BMW cars are equipped with additional electronics by Aptiv to drive by themselves.

Aptiv has equipped cars by BMW with additional sensor and redundant ECUs to make them self-driving (Photo: Aptiv)

Aptiv, a daughter of Tier-1 Delphi, offers in cooperation with Lyft rides in automated driving vehicles. Of course, there is still a driver in the BMW – just in case so-to-say. For this AMoD (Automated Mobility-on-Demand) solution, Aptiv has added some sensors and electronics to the vehicles to achieve an SAE level-5 for self-driving vehicles. This includes radars, lidars, and cameras as well as a redundant controller fusing the sensor values. Of course, the add-on electronics is connected via gateways to the CAN and Flexray in-vehicle networks.

The autonomous driving add-on equipment comprises cameras, lidars, and radars (Photo: Aptiv)

“Controlling a vehicle in a highly complex environment is more complex than a plane flying through an open sky,” explains Aptiv on its website. “While the vehicle speeds are much lower, the proximity and number of complicating risk factors, such as pedestrians, and other vehicles (often only a few feet away – and some pop out as if out of nowhere), means that much more sophisticated systems and algorithms need to be developed for safe autonomous vehicle operation.” The Aptive engineers are pioneers in sensor fusion. The company is a sin-off of Delphi, a Tier-1 supplier of the automotive industry.

Aptiv’s autonomous driving platform has been developed jointly with Mobileye. “It has the capability of a Formula 1 driver, but in this case, it’s not about driving at high speeds,” stated the company. “It’s about highly evolved decision-making and control-computing platform.” The supplier has years of experience in developing active safety systems, including the recent launch of the industry’s first centralized computing platform with Audi’s zFAS system. These level-3 and level-4 automated driving applications are the basis for building fully autonomous level-5 cars. Using the Ottomatika and Nutonomy algorithm platforms, the foundation of the Aptiv autonomous driving platform, provide capability in drive perception, planning, and motion control for fully autonomous solutions.

The Automated Mobility-on-Demand (AMoD) rides through Las Vegas needs to be pre-booked (Photo: Aptiv)

The automated driving platform has been integrated with Lyft’s smart dispatching technology for a seamless consumer experience to hail rides around the Las Vegas Strip area. Operating in complex driving environments with pick-up and drop-off locations will accelerate the availability of automated driving platforms for commercial applications. “Lyft’s mission is to build the world’s best transportation ecosystem in partnership with the most advanced self-driving technology and automotive companies,” said Lyft’s CEO Logan Green. “Partnering with Aptiv for our open platform brings us one step closer to making our vision a reality. Together, we will define the future and we look forward to taking this monumental first step in Las Vegas at CES 2018.” There are more than 20 destination served throughout Las Vegas.


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