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Driving smooth with Classical CAN

HP Velotechnik (Germany) completely revised its Scorpion fs 26 S-Pedelec. It is the first vehicle to meet the new EU regulations for a multi-track vehicle with pedaling assistance up to 45 km/h.

(Photo: HP Velotechnik)

High-speed pedelecs with pedal support up to 45 km/h are increasingly becoming a separate vehicle class. HP Velotechnik developed the completely revised Scorpion fs 26 S-Pedelec at the spring bike fairs 2018. It is the first 45-km/h e-bike approved in Europe in the L2e-P class. The final operating license for this „three-wheel motor vehicle for the carriage of passengers“ (German Motor Transport Authority) was only granted by the German Association for Technical Inspection “TÜV Hessen-Süd” at the end of April. Another regulation from TÜV is the built-in engine immobilizer.

The CAN-connectable rear-wheel drive from Go Swissdrive (Photo: HP Velotechnik)

To make improvements to the drive system, HP Velotechnik teamed up with motor supplier GO Swissdrive. The new CAN system is characterized by an even smoother driving feeling which means the pedal support feels more natural. The system consists of a Classical CAN-connectable rear-wheel drive (motor), a battery, and display. If you take a look into the motor, the control electronic provides a Classical CAN interface. The „Downhill Assist“ offers an automatic recuperation function at a user-selectable speed, and the „Boost“ function enables maximum power at the push of a button for extremely fast acceleration at startup. The Li-Ion battery has more capacity; 636 W hours mean an increase of 14 percent.

The Scorpion fs 26 S-Pedelec with indicators, oil level indicator, and new engine features (Photo: HP Velotechnik)

“Switching our motor control to the extremely fast CAN network, which is also used by the automotive industry, has given us some really new possibilities,” said Immanuel Seeger from the Swiss company. “The switch to the new controller does not just open up new possibilities, such as a descent control system; we have also been able to significantly increase maximum energy recovery to more than 200 watts,” he added.

In addition to the turn indicator set Wingbling, which has been available from HP Velotechnik since the beginning of 2018, there are several other features in the new Scorpion class. Unique in the bicycle sector is the oil level indicator for coupled brakes, which was specified by the EU for the L2e-P segment, said the company. For the first time, the manufacture also installs a lighting system and horn with the special „E“ marking, which is also necessary for fast electric bikes.

The bike is available from specialist retailers and costs 8 990 € in the basic version.


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