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CAN data-logger

Used to develop a student racing car

Tongji Dian Racing from Tongji University performed well in last year’s Formula Student China ranking 4th. Kvaser’s CAN/CAN FD data-logger was part of it.

Tongji Dian Racing from Tongji University used CAN-based data-logger in their car (Photo: Kvaser)

As an international racing team, Tongji Dian Racing Team designs and manufactures an electric formula car each year, and achieves various results in all major electric Formula Student events around the world. In October 2018, the next Formula Student China takes place.

Last season’s car, the DRe17 – had undergone a significant change in technology and appearance. This included the use of four electric motors, a third spring, a self-built battery management system, and other technologies to bring new ideas into the domestic electric car design.

The stable performance of the racing team is based on test runs and requirements on the different specifications and values, such as including data capture for analysis using Kvaser’s Memorator Pro 2xHS v2 interface and data-logger. It allows users to monitor and log data from two Classical CAN or CAN FD channels using one device. Additionally it is compatible with J1939, CANopen, NMEA 2000, and Devicenet.

In October the next event will take place (Photo: Kvaser)

Weiqi Sun, from Tongji Dian Racing said: “We use the Kvaser data-logger for each test to record and analyze the data and also for the competition. It is very easy to use, data recording is accurate. The master computer can get the time of power on, and it provides a variety of output data file types for us to choose from; often we can even directly analyze the test data in the field.”

The data-loggers can gather parameters such as battery usage, cooling pack temperature, lean angles, suspension data, wheel speed, torque, acceleration, and braking. Besides Dian Racing, Kvaser has sponsored racing teams from all over the world.


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