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Resistance spot welder

With embedded CAN network

The CTR 9 automatic resistance spot welder by Car-O-Liner (Sweden) is dedicated for car workshops. It comes with a light-weighing transformer gun.

The CTR 9 features an embedded CAN network connecting sensors (Photo: Car-O-Liner)

The CTR 9 automatic welder comes with transformer gun featuring a 355° swivel handle and ergo-grip. It enables perfect working positions for anyone, for any job, said the Swedish supplier. A telescopic arm in a durable and lightweight extruded aluminum support the gun. It can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally. A compact power unit with a low center of gravity gives mobility and stability. A 16000-A transformer and the embedded CAN network ensures a reliable welding.

The product is offered in more than 70 countries by means of a subsidiaries and distributors. The CTR 9 records weld data and it generates reports during the repair process. Recorded data include welding current, time, date, program, and result. The thermal and break sensors protect the welder in the event of overheating.


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