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CANopen in mammography

The Econ100 host controller by HMS/Ixxat manages the moving parts in the mammography device by Giotto.

The Econ100 host controller features CANopen connectivity (Photo: HMS/Ixxat)

The history of CAN and CANopen in medical technology goes back many years. As early as 1992, the company Philips Medical Systems recognized the advantages of the CAN technology and developed a protocol for use in their medical tables and X-ray systems. Nowadays, Giotto uses CANopen in medical equipment, for example, in its mammography devices.

“The Ixxat Econ100 is the brain of Giotto Class system,” said Paolo Vignoli, Research and Development Manager at IMS. “It is the master for the internal communication network and the logic control unit for about twenty different electronic boards. It controls movement, X-ray emission, data acquisition, visualization, and safety chain inside the machine. It also controls the biopsy accessory ‘Smart- finder’ when it is plugged in to the system.”

The controller features a Xilinx Zynq SoC – Dual-Core Cortex A9 processor as well as two CANopen ports which make it possible to configure communication at two different speeds — to adjust to different stub lengths within the network. “The Econ100 offers two independent CAN networks with CANopen standard and meets our demands for a four millisecond cycle time — this was very important for us,” explained Paolo Vignoli.

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