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Equipment carrier with CAN docking system

The road maintenance department Bad Ischl has decided to buy a SYN Trac, a equipment carrier for year-round use. The docking system of the tractor comes with a CAN network and optional Isobus.

The CAN-based docking system is part of the vehicle (Source: SYN Trac)

A pilot customer contract has been in place since summer 2018 and during the one-year test phase, the road maintenance department supported the development and improvement of the SYN Trac. The equipment carrier was mainly tested together with the following attachments: combination mower unit, snow plough, salt spreader on third axle as well as with snow blower.

Docking system

All attachments can be docked and decoupled fully automatically (at the push of a button, without leaving the cabin). In doing so, all media, i.e. hydraulic system, pneumatic system, PTO shaft, the electric system as well as the software are decoupled in less than one minute. The docking system is symmetrical at the front and rear. There are virtually no limits to the types of attachments. The attachments will be purchased from the manufacturer to customer specifications and the adapter will be mounted with little effort. Upon request, also a regular adapter, an adapter with three-point hitch / trailer hitch, or a municipal mounting plate are available. The docking system offers a multifunctional device coupler at the vehicle front and rear.

Coupling of integrated attachments with automatic connection of CAN and optional Isobus is available. The system also enables automatic connection of six double-acting hydraulic valves, power beyond connection, electrical connection 24 V/125 A, pneumatics eight bars, air brake (only at rear docking system), and power take-off (full engine power at the front and rear PTO shaft).

It is not only possible to dock attachments via the docking system, but also a third driven and non-driven axis. The process will also be controlled from the cabin and can be performed in less than one minute. The axle system consists of Tatra axis with independent suspension, a hydro-pneumatic suspension will be integrated in addition for the comfort. All axes are steered, thus, the SYN Trac comes with a turning radius of 4,5 m. Front steering, all-wheel steering, and crab steering are integrated into the SYN Trac by default.

The coupling procedure allows all connection possibilities fully automatic including to a CAN network, without getting out of the vehicle (Source: SYN Trac)

The stepless CVT gearbox in combination with the 420 HP Caterpillar motor is located underneath the cabin. The SYN Trac is equipped with the latest emissions level V, the gear is hydraulically-mechanically power split with dry sump lubrication. There are options for the speed: slow travel range at 0 km/h to 60 km/h or a more rapid travel range of 0 km/h to 80 km/h.

The construction of the carrier vehicle differs from the classic image of a tractor. The engine-gearbox arrangement was developed in the form of an underfloor construction parallel to each other. The SYN Trac provides 400 hp as well as a self-developed continuously variable transmission. Due to the same symmetrical docking system in the vehicle front and rear, the system provides an optimal combination of chassis and docking. The chassis is equipped with independently suspended swinging half axles and active hydro pneumatic suspension; a level control is integrated as standard.

The engine PTO shaft has 1000 rotations per minute and max. 300 Nm at the front and rear. The standard hydraulic pump delivers 180 l/min at 210 bars, optionally up to 360 l/min. The SYN Trac includes a load sensing axial piston pump with 180 l/min and 250 bars with six double-acting valves with 120 l/min at the front and rear docking system. A power beyond connection is available with max. 250 l/min at the front and rear docking. The content of the hydraulic tank amounts to 120 litres.

The cabin has been developed with glass panels in order to provide good visibility. A multi-CAN system should solve the problem of screens overhanging the windows. The docking interfaces are well visible due to the not existing engine hood. There is a choice between two seat variations: a super comfort seat with low and high backrest (depending on the speed). For the passenger seat, there is a choice between a wholesome passenger seat with high backrest or a narrow passenger seat with low backrest. The driver’s seat can be rotated. A multifunctional rail system to take up additional operating elements is integrated, two operation panels are on board by default. A camera system and other features are optionally available.

The company is part of the Agritechnica 2019 fair in hall 21, stand E31.


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