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Heavy-duty vehicle transportation solutions

Doll Fahrzeugbau manufactures heavy-duty vehicles such as the Panther low-bed, Vario semi low-loader or Vario trailer. The CAN-based Doll Tronic is used as a remote-control system.

The Panther T3E-0S3FZ25 vehicle is equipped with the CAN-based Doll tronic control concept (Source: Doll Fahrzeugbau)

The Panther semi-trailers made their debut in 2010 at the Bauma fair in Munich. After continuous development there are now around 3 000 axles on the market. Until spring 2020, a Panther low-bed is on a roadshow to enable a cost-free vehicle test for interested companies.

The company’s Panther T3E-0S3FZ25 is a 3-axles gooseneck low-bed with independent wheel suspension, central mount, and 25-ton fifth-wheel load. With a payload of up to 46 550 kg, the vehicle is suitable for transporting a variety of construction machinery equipment. The vehicle width of 2 750 mm across low-bed and chassis ensures that the center of roll of standard crawler chassis does not stray from the frame. The detachable gooseneck features ramps that retract into the low-bed. An excavator is available at the rear. The height difference of 490 mm between low-bed and rear running gear is suitable for transporting of screening plants with low conveyor belts.

Standard equipment with Panther vehicles is the CAN-based computer-assisted Doll tronic control concept. It enables to control trailer functions via separate keypads at the rear and on the gooseneck, or using wireless operation. Feedback on the wireless remote-control display enables drivers to monitor aspects of the vehicle and its operation. Loading and unloading may be completed more quickly and drivers do not have to get in and out of the vehicle as often. The control concept supports permanent monitoring of all positions. Ride heights may be adjusted during travel. The raising and lowering equipment has a total stroke of 315 mm (from -110 mm to +205 mm). There is also an integrated “spirit level function” for consistent ride height on terrain that slopes away steeply to the side. Ride heights may be set separately on either side.

Doll connect trailer management system (Source: Doll Fahrzeugbau)

The Vario S4H-GR3S18 telescopic semi low-loader with positive hydraulic steering is also equipped with Doll tronic. It has a gooseneck with exterior main frame and lowered loading areas to reduce the overall height when loading e.g. wheel loaders, excavators, or graders. Double ramps withstanding high wheel loads, hydraulic lateral adjustment for different lane widths, and a mechanical lock in the ramp cylinder are further vehicle features. The company's electronic track adjustment (EEP) module straightens up the truck-trailer combination. The module determines the correct setting automatically by comparing the ramp angle of the traction unit and trailer with the steering angle of the chassis axles. The vehicle is also equipped with the Doll connect trailer management system, which is based on the CAN-capable Doll tronic sensor system. It captures all available vehicle data (e.g. axle loads, tyre pressures, central lubrication system) and supports various communication interfaces.

With its headquarters and parent plant in Oppenau in Germany's Black Forest region, Doll Fahrzeugbau is a manufacturer of transporters for timber and heavy-duty goods. In the field of airfield operations and ground support, it produces scissor lift vehicles for use in cleaning, medical, and catering. Used and rental vehicles are offered as well. Founded as a family-owned business in 1878, the company today employs around 350 people and builds ca. 1 000 vehicles every year.