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Completing work-at-height jobs

Genie S-80 J telescopic boom lift model from Genie (a brand of Terex) integrates a CAN-based control system. This lift model allows to work at the heights of up to 24,4 m (80 feet).

Genie S-80 J model (Source: Terex)

The control layout on the boom is consistent with other booms of the company. It comes with a digital LCD screen at the ground controls, which provides real-time data and troubleshooting right on the machine. This model is compatible with the Genie Tech Pro Link handheld diagnostics tool for machine updates, calibration, and troubleshooting, even from the boom platform with no need for a laptop or any additional accessories. The CAN-based control system also allows data to be remotely monitored, providing detailed machine information through the Genie Lift Connect telematics system.

The platform capacity of 300 kg allows to get the job done with two occupants, plus tools, and an 1,8-m jib. Additionally to a platform height of 24,4 m a horizontal reach of 16,8 m (55 feet) is possible. The machine weights 10433 kg. It is equipped with the Genie 4-point Trax track and axle system to reduce damages when operating on insensitive ground surfaces (wet grass, mud, sand, etc.). The lift integrates a 37-kW Kubota D1803 turbo diesel engine. It features a four-wheel drive and active oscillating axles. This allows working with no axle lock-out during elevated drive, on unfinished jobsites and rough-terrain surfaces. To meet common jobsite safety requirements, the model features the Genie Lift Guard contact alarm system. All common options and accessories (e.g. generators, tools, etc.) for the manufacturer’s booms are also available for this model. The boom lifts are used for completing such work-at-height jobs as general construction, maintenance, inspections, painting, etc.

Terex is a global manufacturer of lifting and material processing products and services. Company’s solutions are used in such industries as construction, infrastructure, manufacturing, shipping, transportation, refining, energy, utilities, quarrying, and mining.


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