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Alpha Laser specialized in laser-based processing technology

ALPHA LASER SPECIALIZES IN LASER-BASED  processing technology. The company produces stationary and mobile devices for joint and deposition welding. Its equipment can not only replace classic welding or soldering procedures but can also play a factor in the development of processing techniques. As Georg Meyndt, director of development at Alpha Laser, points out: “We have not even begun to exploit the full potential of this technology, and are constantly finding new areas of application.”
Alpha Laser’s products range from manual welding devices for goldsmiths to fully automated, CNC-controlled machines. One area of emphasis in the Alpha Laser portfolio is the design of equipment to cover all aspects of sensor manufacturing. “Our machines are increasingly making it possible to eliminate GTAW-welding (Gas tungsten arc welding) procedures in sensor manufacturing,” reports Meyndt. The laser systems AL-SWS and the AL-RB are of particular interest here. The AL-SWS is a universal machine that can be used for micro-welding operations, welding collars and end-caps onto sensors at different automation levels, and cutting. The AL-RB, which is generally designed for fully automated operation, can cut pipes up to 12 mm in diameter. In combination, the two devices form a complete setup for sensor manufacturing.

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