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Mounted plow with Isobus control

In agricultural machinery, work processes are being increasingly linked, and more and more implements are controlled electronically. Lemken (Germany) has implemented Turn-Control Pro controls in their Juwel plow.

Juwel 8 with Turn-Control Pro(Photo: Lemken)

ISOBUS ALLOWS SOLUTIONS TO BE IMPLEMENTED across several machines. It makes sense to offer this for plows as well. With Turn-Control Pro, the company is offering a Isobus plow control for the Juwel mounted reversible plow. While the company has experience with electronic plow control, Isobus has been used primarily in seeding technology and plant protection machines. The system on the mounted reversible plow, with electro-hydraulic swing gear and hydraulic angle adjustment, creates an environment for Isobus operation.
The system allows these functions to be controlled via the CCI 200 terminal or the Isobus system on the tractor, without the need to operate the spool valves. Additional elements operating under the Isobus IL4 standard, such as joysticks and the tractor’s multifunction lever, can be integrated as well.

Juwel 8 with Turn-Control Pro(Photo: Lemken)

In general, the system controls plow rotation and the settings for working angle, width and depth via a hydraulic support wheel. GPS-controlled working width adjustment has also been integrated. Additional functions such as front furrow width adjustment, packer operation, or settings for the Hydromatik overload protection are available as options.

The on-board computer allows operating functions to be combined, saved, and activated for up to four different scenarios, for example for plowing on slopes and plowing out surfaces. To prepare a shallow end furrow, a scenario with a shortened top link and a shallower support wheel setting would, for example, be activated. This novel feature finally allows the Isobus functionalities of tractors to be utilized in mounted plows as well.

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