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Dedicated for injection-molding machines

The OptinJect PC-based machine controller by Automata (Germany/Italy) comprises PLC functionality, visualization, local I/Os, and network interfaces (CANopen and Sercos III). It has been specifically developed to control injection-molding machines, but can also be used for other machine control purposes.

THE PC-BASED ALL-IN-ONE CONTROLLER IMPLEMENTS A low-voltage CPU (Geode LX800 or Celeron-M 600). It uses a particular cooling system without fans allowing the system to work in harsh environments. Via the CANopen interface remote I/O devices can be integrated. The system comes with the Codesys PLC software by 3S, which is compliant to IEC 61131-3. There are some pre-programmed functions available such as soft-motion and visualization (WinMachLite). They all run under the WindowsCE.NET embedded operating systems.
The local analog interrupt-capability with threshold (injection speed to holding pressure switch), and the three 32-bit counters (e.g. for screw rotations and mold adjust position) are provided in particular for injection-molding machines. The PC-based controllers supports for the injection process four velocity profiles, four pressure-holding profiles, switching between velocity and pressure by time as well as pressure or position control. For molding process an automatic acquisition of clamping forces and a 4-step velocity profile is provided. There are also software routines for the plastification available (e.g. suck back before and after). The control system provider uses CANopen in most of its other controllers since many years. All the SCS and PowerSCS control units as well as the A1 automation system features CANopen connectivity. The company also provides some PC interface boards with CAN interfaces including software drivers.

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