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Slicing machine for kebab

Alkadur Robotsystems (Germany) has developed the “Döner Robot”, an automatic kebab rotating spit and slicing machine. It is controlled by a PLC communicating via CANopen to the stepper motors.

THE INVENTOR OF THE ROBOT IS Duran Kabakyer, general manager of Alkadur Robotsystems. “I have worked as a doner chef myself for many years, and was always annoyed at the fact that, although I have a sausage cutting machine and an electric dishwasher, there is no fully automated doner cutting device. I then came to the idea of developing this type of robot myself.” With a daily output of up to 300 kg and a continuously cutting capability, the machine is dedicated for kebab takeaways. The machine comprises for brushless DC stepper motors. Micontrol (Germany) supplies the drive-control units, which communicate via the embedded CANopen network to the Eaton XV102 PLC with and integrated HMI unit. The controller based on a 400-MHz processor features 128 MiB memory capacity and CANopen NMT master functionality.

The 3,5-inch touch panel is easy to clean and the language is selectable. “This gave us a lot of flexibility in the configuration,” explained Guenter Huyer from Huyer-Solutions, who programmed the system. The PLC is based on the Codesys software by 3S-Software. “Programming the PLC is really easy since the xSoft-Codesys-2 programming software enables the program to be implemented directly in the controller in compliance with IEC 61131-3.” The entire project was managed by means of the Galileo project design environment from Eaton. The optical detection is also a technological highlight:
The integrated optical sensors of the robot are used to locate the kebab spit, position the knife and cut down the meat with millimeter precision. The development had the challenge of finding the correct machine setting for cutting, since the meat changes in heat.