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Planter family supports Isobus connectivity

Kinze Manufacturing (USA) has announced the Isobus support for its planter implements. This allows plug-and-play operation with any Isobus-compatible tractor, including those sold by John Deere with the GreenStar displays.

USING ISOBUS COMMUNICATION AS SPECIFIED IN THE ISO 11783 series avoids installing a separate operator display. Via the CAN-based network the planter can use the Isobus virtual display mounted in the tractor’s cabin. The user interface presented to the operator is the same, regardless of the brand of tractor or virtual terminal. Additionally, all planter settings are saved on the planter, so switching between tractors becomes a non-issue. The Isobus is based on the J1939 application layer, but defines additional agriculture machine specific PGNs (parameter group numbers). Also the transport protocols are a little bit different.
The Isobus gains increasingly acceptance in the field of agriculture implements. "The Isobus standard will bring even more convenience to farmers," said Susanne (Kinzenbaw) Veatch from the implement manufacturer. "We understand the importance of enabling efficiency and simplicity especially during planting, and Isobus-compatibility will make an outstanding difference in giving more time back to farmers."

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