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Narrow aisle stacker truck

Jungheinrich (Germany) presented its EKX 410 narrow aisle stacker truck at the Logimat 2012. This is an order picker/ 3-way stacker kombi-truck with an electric motor. It may be used for stacking and retrieving pallets or box pallets as well as for picking individual articles. The series start will be in May 2012.

THE SAME AS COMPANY’S BIGGER TRUCK EKX 513-515 (since 2008), the EKX 410 may communicate with customer-specific warehouse administration systems (warehouse navigation). The truck receives stacking, retrieval or order-picking orders from the administration system via the Logistics Interface. The operator confirms the received messages. Then the truck approaches the aisle where the goods are stored. The semi-automatic approach of the storage position in the aisle by the truck starts subsequently. “The required racking position is approached by the shortest route, at optimum speed and lowest use of energy after being released by the operator”, explains Sebastian Riedmaier, Head of Warehousing and Systems trucks Product Management at Jungheinrich. “Experience over the past years has shown that throughput efficiency can increase by up to 25 % when warehouse navigation is utilized“.

The modular platform concept, the truck management with TÜV certified control and CAN-networked system provide a number of safety characteristics und keeps the truck open to future requirements. The presented high rack stacker with up to 1000 kg capacity achieves lift heights of over 9 m. It incorporates the 3-phase AC technology and may be equipped with different performance packages in the 48-V class.

A switch-less two-handed operating concept ensures comfort and safety for the stacker driver. At the centre of the workplace is the electrically adjustable operating console. As central control and information unit, it provides the colored display and a membrane keyboard with numeric keypad. The operator may call up individually adjusted travel programs via an access code. Switch-less sensors register the operator’s touch and pass this information to the on-board computer. Travel and hydraulic control is operated with the movement of the thumb.

The Kombi stacker achieves application times of up to two shifts in normal operations. Integrated energy and battery management optimizes energy flows for the respective application, so that energy requirement peaks are avoided.

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