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80-ton asphalt paver for canal renovations

The project team from Moba Mobile Automation (Germany) was faced with a special challenge in equipping an 80-ton asphalt paver for canal renovations. The job: equip the Asphalt Liner model 6042, produced by Allcons Maschinenbau (Germany), with a system that allows asphalt to be uniformly applied on an embankment 28 meters in width. The solution: a combination of various sensors and controllers for leveling the screed and for steering the machine.

"BY USING THE MOBA SYSTEM, the asphalt was precisely applied," said Reinhard Schmidt, CEO of Allcons Maschinenbau. “This saved materials and time and makes follow-up work unnecessary.” Four grade sensors on the legs of the paver detect the height through a cable on the embankment and a cable on the canal floor. Depending on these values, four MPA-100 controllers, connected via the CAN network, control the screed so that the asphalt that is pulled over the entire width of 28 m by paddle chains reaches the desired height. "It is important that this height be maintained, since – considering the huge size of the project – laying one centimeter too much asphalt would mean an enormous additional consumption and, thus, additional costs," explained Thomas Schlosser from Moba.
Due to the length of the machine, it is important that the machine be precisely steered in order to obtain a uniform thickness of the asphalt layer over the entire length of the embankment. Paver steering is controlled by means of four MPC-50 mounted on the legs. Two steering sensors are guided via the cable, each sending a steering-angle signal to the respective, opposite controller via CAN. The sensors make adjustments according to this value, thereby ensuring the parallel position of the drives. All information is displayed for the vehicle operator directly on the MOBA GD-320 operating unit, allowing the machine to be comfortably controlled from the driver's cab.

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