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Vacuum pumps using frequency inverters

The pumps of the Dryvac series by Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum (Germany) are equipped with frequency inverters made by Yaskawa (Japan). Using additional hard- and software functions, the drive provider has fine-tuned the V1000 frequency inverters for this application.

(Photo. Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum)

YASKAWA HAS INTEGRATED A NUMBER OF pump-specific functions and protection functions. If for example a valve is closing, then the frequency inverter will react quickly and in full autonomy to the resulting load change. Even shortest cycle times that translate into regular load changes can be supported in this way. The frequency inverters offer features as a standard that are convincing not only for vacuum experts, but also for many users in other areas. The compact devices come in different housing variants such as IP20-rated cases and various finless models for external cooling systems as well as IP66-rated variants.

Vacuum pumps are being deployed in a wide range of applications. These range from metallurgy and furnace construction via freeze-drying and crystal pulling up to surface coating technology for the production of DVDs, photovoltaic panels and displays.

Further applications can also be found in mass spectrometers, electron microscopes or gas analysis equipment. The Dryvac series of dry compressing helical pumps have specifically been designed for the high process requirements of the photovoltaic industry as well as for a number of surface coating technologies, and are suitable for other demanding applications. The CANopen connectivity of the inverters enabled the integration of control and monitoring subsystems.

(The full article “Vacuum pumps using frequency inverters” by Elmar Lohkampff (Yaskawa) and Ellen-Christine Reif has been published in CAN Newsletter 1/2012)