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Devices for off-road and off-highway vehicles

CAN is the dominating communication technology used in off-road and off-highway vehicles as well as heavy-duty vehicles and other “machines on wheels”. In the engine management, the J1939 protocol is preferred, while in the “body application”, the working part, often CANopen networks are used. The CANopen connectable devices include IEC 61131-3 programmable controllers, sensors, and electrical as well as hydraulic actuators. But still there are some CAN networks using proprietary higher-layer protocols: This is like re-inventing the wheel – so-to-say.

Comp-Mall (Germany) provides the Tank-101B embedded controller dedicated for out-door applications. The Atom-based (D525 1,8-GHz dual-core processor and N455 1,66-GHz processor) device is specified for temperatures between −20 °C and +70 °C. The unit comes with an optical-isolated CAN port as well as USB and two Gigabit-Ethernet interfaces. The fan-less computer also provides SSD memory and comes in shock- (3 g) and vibration-resistant housing.

Graf-Syteco (Germany) produces the MCQ6 graphic display controller series designed for robust treatment in vehicles, machines and plant. Its multi-processor system guarantees a fast internal processing of data and a boot-time of less than six seconds. It provides 16 freely programmable function keys and two digital potentiometer integrated on the left and right front side. The HMI device has four video inputs (e.g. for rear-view cameras). Besides two CAN interfaces, the product features Ethernet and USB ports. It is suited for frontal installation in consoles and switchgear cabinets.

Iveka (Germany) has developed the Motoguard immobilizer, which protects the vehicle against unauthorized usage and even against manipulation (e.g. motor tuning). A programmable transponder integrated in the key enables the digital data storage. Terex has integrated CAN-connectable equipment in its cabins of off-road vehicles and construction machinery. It saves different vehicle data like mileage, service intervals, and vehicle configuration.

Sany Heavy Industry (China) has presented the SYMC motion controller featuring two CAN interfaces. The IEC 61131-3 programmable unit features 92 local I/O lines and a program cycle-time of about 2 ms. It is able to drive 44 solenoid valves without intermediate relays. The switch output ports with delay and step-down function prevents the overload damage.