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Identifying blocked or damaged nozzles

Teejet (Germany) introduced the Sentry 6140 Tip Flow Monitor at this years Agritechnica in Hanover, Germany. The device makes identifying worn, plugged or partially blocked spray tips possible. Flow sensors, mounted at each spray tip location, measure the flow passing through the tip and provide feedback.

FLOW PERFORMANCE IS MEASURED AND MONITORED from every spray tip on the boom by a turbine-style flow meter integrated into the nozzle body. All sensors are connected by a CAN network and “plug-and-play”. The flow meter detects flow variations bigger than +/-5 %. Alerts are sent if a tip’s flow rate deviates from the average flow rate of the remaining tips on the boom. Blinking LEDs localize the tip on the boom. The tip flow monitor can be used with all Teejet nozzle bodies.
Streaks in the field caused by misapplication can result in yield reductions, increased weed pressure and the need to re-apply. The company’s product provides operators with instant notification when a spray tip is clogged, damaged, lost or misaligned leading to abnormal flow rate. Alarms make operators aware of the problem and a graphic display shows the location of the affected nozzle.
The need to detect tip problems from the cab is eliminated and allows operators to cover more acres in a day. Immediate detection of plugged tips can also prevent yield loss due to increased localized pest pressure or prevent the need for re-application.

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