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Measuring diameter and ovality of pipes and tubes

Beta Lasermike (USA) highlights its automated inspection solutions for plastic pipes and tubes at the K exhibition in Duesseldorf (Germany). This includes the CANopen-connectable Accuscan 5000 dual-plane laser scanners that measure both diameter and ovality.

A tube manufacturer uses AccuScan 500 after the cooling trough to accurately measure the diameter and ovality of product. This system is integrated with a DataPro 5000 controller to improve the tube manufacturing process at every step

BETA LASERMIKE, A PROVIDER OF PRECISION MEASUREMENT and control solutions, will showcase its non-contact measurement solutions for plastics and rubber manufacturing applications at the K Show (Stand E19, Hall 10). Plastic pipe and tube manufacturers in a range of markets face a number of challenges to remain competitive and to produce product more cost effectively. For example, medical tube manufacturers must adhere to strict regulations to produce micro tubing with ultra-thin walls to meet life-critical specifications for quality and safety. Other plastic tube makers, such as in the automotive and other industrial sectors, must hold tight dimensional tolerances to meet exact customer product requirements.

A wire manufacturer uses the measurement system to determine the diameter and ovality of its products
“We provide plastic pipe and tube makers with the capability to automatically measure and control all aspects of their dimensional process with the highest degree of precision,” said Richard Snaith from Beta Lasermike.

The Schulman Academy, an R&D center in Kerpen (Germany) uses the measurement system between the puller and trough on the extrusion line to measure ovality and outer diameter of innovative tube technology
“Our gauging systems enable the easy collection of important product data and provide the necessary feedback for process control.
This automated inspection solution delivers a number of bottom-line benefits to manufacturers to reduce start-up time, improve product quality, decrease material usage, and improve data management.”

The Accuscan 5000 diameter and ovality measurement systems uses laser scanning technology. It is able to perform diameter measurements in its gauge head during production and communicate those measurements via CANopen to a host controller. The dual-axis gauges capture measurements at a rate of 2400 samples per second per axis and can measure outer diameters up to 80 mm. The gauges are built into a IP65-rated housing. An optional display is available to view and configure measurement data.

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