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Reach truck nominated for Ifoy Award

Atlet’s (Sweden) Tergo UMS is a universal reach truck, which has been nominated for the Ifoy Award as the “international forklift truck of the year”. The Atlet Truck Computer (ATC3) provides a CAN interface.

THE UMS IS SUITED FOR INTERNAL TRANSPORT, stacking up to 2000 kg and performs in cold stores. The truck is equipped with mini steering wheels with floating armrests, a multi-adaptable operator's environment and intuitive controls. The CAN interface allows the service engineer to diagnose and service the truck. It provides access to the in-vehicle electronic control units.
The 48-VAC motor provides a maximum speed of 12,5 km/h, and the option of a maximum speed of 14,5 km/h is available. Also available is a wide range of extra equipment such as Active Spin Reduction (ASR), Level Assistance System (LAS), fast track battery change system, load wheel brakes, video camera, cold store cabin complement and PIN code for personal performance settings.
The floor, the seat and the armrests are adjusted to the individual operator; up to nine different parameters can be set. The seat features an 18° tilt function inside the chassis, which enhances visibility and ergonomics when handling loads in high-level storage systems.
A comparative evaluation study on reach trucks from three different manufacturers showed that the Atlet Tergo offered the most ergonomic working postures, resulting in less shoulder and neck strain (Chalmers University of Technology, 2011). The hands-free direction control uses the accelerator for change of travel direction, allowing the operator to use the right hand for operating up to three hydraulic functions simultaneously. To maintain driving stability in a wide range of situations, the S3 Stability Support System technology continuously measures speed, steering, commands, mast movement, and the lift height of the truck.
The Dynamic Cornering Control feature modifies the relationship between the speed of the truck and the operator’s steering wheel movements, allowing a higher level of cornering speed. When handling loads at high levels, the Optimized Performance Control adapts the tilt and reach speed to maximize stability and safety. Because of the LAS, the operator needs only to release the lift lever slightly and the forks will stop automatically and with full precision at the right level. The ASR improves safety especially when driving on a surface with low friction, and it reduces drive wheel wear for additional cost savings.

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