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Students built solar racing car

To improve the robustness of Blue Sky Solar Racing’s new electrical car system, Phoenix Contact (Germany) has sponsored the University of Toronto on their 2013 solar car.

(Photo: University of Toronto)

B-7 is solar vehicle Blue Sky Solar Racing is constructing for the 2013 World Solar Challenge. The team began designing in June 2012 and construction began in November 2012. From 6th to 13th October 2013, solar car teams from all around the world will be racing down Stuart Highway across the Australian Outback for 3000 km. For the first time ever, there will be different classes:

Cars in the Challenger Class are primarily designed for efficiency rather than comfort or practicality. The winner of this class will be the winner of the World Solar Cup. A major change this year is that vehicles competing in this class are required to have four wheels.

Participants of the Cruiser Class are designed for practicality. Pushing the boundaries towards more practical solar-electric vehicles, they are built to carry two or more passengers, each facing forwards. They will be judged on external energy use, the time taken to complete the course, the payload carried and practicality.

The Adventure Class is designed to allow teams with solar cars built for previous events to return, usually with new team members, for the adventure of crossing the continent on the silent power of nature.

The B-7 will compete in the Challenger Class.