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Tablet-style on-board computer with CAN

Transics (Germany) announced their tablet-style on-board computer called TX-Sky. It complements the TX-Max (GO) series and is integrated into Transics’ TX-Connect back office software. It can be connected to a CAN network.

THE COMPUTER RUNS ON THE SKY ARCHITECTURE that the company already used for the TX-Go, which is an on-board computer without a display launched earlier this year. TX-Sky offers the same functionality as its family members, TX-ax and TX-May Go, and can be connected to the tachograph and CAN network to extend its functionality with tacho data and fuel consumption management.

User-friendliness is a key driver when designing an on-board computer. “Drivers have come to expect the intuitive display they enjoy on their own devices, like smartphones and tablets, in their cab too, packed in a fixed professional device,” said Dirk Staelens from Transics. “Thanks to the new user interface of TX-Sky, which is indeed inspired by popular touch screen tablets, they can easily navigate between the different information modules and communicate with the home office with just the touch of the finger.”

Jérôme, a driver at the French carrier Gamba ET Rota, has been testing the computer over the past few months. He said: “TX-Sky allows me to interact with the software on the screen by touching, tapping, swiping or pinching, which makes it really easy and fun to work.” “The interface is so intuitive that everyone could immediately start using it, with only a minimum of training. This ease-of-use boosts user acceptance: all our drivers are enthusiastic about working with it and applaud this positive development,” added Alain Gamba, General Manager. “Moreover, as 15 minutes of training are enough to get started with TX-Sky and the installation is as easy as plug and play, we save costs. And as we can roll out the new devices in no time, truck downtime is minimised.”

“For over a year, our R&D team has been putting their back into making TX-Sky a revolutionary newcomer. We are delighted with the first positive customer feedback. More than complementing our existing portfolio of on-board computers, TX-Sky lifts it to a whole new level, as it perfectly meets today’s needs for user experience design. We are confident that the intuitive operation will help raise the efficiency and lower the total cost of ownership. In this way, the product is another proof of our unremitting efforts to build innovative products and services that improve the daily transport business,” Walter Mastelinck, CEO Transics, concluded.

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