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Weighing system for refuse collecting vehicles

Air-Weigh (USA) provides on-board weighing equipment for different purposes. The recently launched Loadmaxx Camelback scale has been designed for refuse collecting vehicles with a leaf spring steer axle suspension using a Mack Camelback drive axle suspension.

THE SCALE FEATURES AN IN-DASH BACKLIT LCD DISPLAY, the Loadmaxx scale module, a deflection sensor for the steer axle, and a deflection sensor for the drive suspension. The system offers CAN connectivity, which optionally supports the J1939 protocol. The interface is not compliant to the CiA 422 application profile, which has been submitted for European standardization. The launched system provides the operator with an in-dash display that shows GVW, payload, steer axle, and drive axle group weights. The scale can be set to display in pounds or kilograms, and several language options are available. All calibration and setup parameters can be PIN protected to prevent tampering or unauthorized changes.
Air-Weigh’s patented deflection sensor technology measures the flex in axle or beam components and the scale calculates the corresponding on-the-ground weight for each axle or axle group. Deflection sensors are mounted directly onto the steer axle or drive suspension and do not interfere with vehicle operation. Unlike load cell type scales, the scale does not require any modification to the chassis, body, or frame rail attachments.
The J1939 interface allows dash displays and on-board computers to obtain weight information for wireless transmission to fleet headquarters or for viewing by the driver in the cab. Two alarm outputs can be used to warn the driver when an axle group weight or GVW exceeds legal limits, or when the load on the steer axle is too small a proportion of the GVW. Reading weights on an incline can result in uneven pressure on a vehicle’s suspension, which affects accuracy. With the inclinometer option, the weight display, the J1939 communication, and the alarm outputs are turned off, when detecting an incline that will affect weight reading accuracy.

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