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Weighing system with Isobus

At the Agritechnica 2013, the companies Fliegl, Land-Data Eurosoft and Müller-Elektronik (all Germany) have introduced the FWS 2014 Fliegl weighing system. It makes prompt weighing of the crop during the agricultural processes possible.

PROMPT WEIGHING OF THE CROP IS A KEY PREREQUISITE for determining the yield in harvesting or for monitoring solid manure spreading or mineral fertilizing. The company’s Isobus-based weighing system can be calibrated. This solution functions with all task controller-capable Isobus displays, so data is provided for farm management information systems (FMIS). The basis for legally secured billing is formed by an “alibi memory” for the plausibility of all data and coded communication.

Furthermore the overall system includes universal compatibility, functions such as determining the spreading rate, relieving the workload for the driver/operator and avoiding recording errors. It also documents the transport and the designated warehouse, and it reports the traceability of foodstuffs and references to the origin of the foodstuffs. Additionally, it offers proof to the farmer of the subsequent trade and gives an overview of the transport activities with the help of the Greenstar business pack. The device gathers details of the transport, which allows for reporting and invoicing to the customer. The transport function allows a geographic special allocation of the harvested goods from the origin to the destination of the transport.

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