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MSC (Germany) offers a ready-to-use MSC Nanorisc-SK-MB2 starter kit. The kit is made for evaluation and testing of the MSC Nanorisc-AM335x series of processor modules with Texas Instruments’ (USA) AM335x ARM processor.

(Photo: MSC)

THE KIT CONSISTS OF A MSC NANORISC-MB2 BASEBOARD with power supply, a 7-inch WVGA TFT display and a 7-inch PCT touch panel. A Debian Linux operating system installation (downloadable or on a bootable SD card) allows the operation of the starter kit. Even though the carrier board used for the starter kit provides an input for resistive 4-wire touch panels, a controller for projected capacitive touch panels was added to the most recent board revision. Therefore the current version starter kit comes with touch function for the 7-inch display, enabling the user to follow the trend to iPhone-style user interfaces, which are increasingly found in industrial applications.

Along with the starter kit, the user can choose the 70 mm x 50 mm module from the MSC Nanorisc-AM335x series. These boards are based on Texas Instruments’ AM335x ARM Cortex-A8 processor. The module with AM3352 clocked at 300 MHz offers a power consumption of 1,7 V. Besides this economic entry-level module, the AM3354 CPU board with 800 MHz clock provides hardware 3D graphics acceleration. This module consumes less than 2 V of power and can also be operated without any cooling.

The series of processor modules can hold up to 512 MiB of DDR3 DRAM, up to 512 MiB of SLC NAND Flash and optionally up to 64 GiB eMMC Flash. The boards provide embedded I/O signals such as CAN, Ethernet and USB. Also, they support direct LCD drives (16/18/24 bit RGB) at a resolution of up to 1366 pixel x 768 pixel. Further options include a programmable real-time unit allowing response to real-time events for industrial field bus applications.

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