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Partnership agreement

CANopen Lift: becoming more prevalent in the lift industry

Safeline (Germany) and Hennemann Electronic Consulting (Germany) have entered into a partnership agreement. The partnership includes HEC promoting and supporting Safeline’s product range with primary focus on CANopen Lift.

The product range of Safeline includes among others FD4-CAN(Photo: Safeline)

THE PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT COVERS GERMANY AND AUSTRIA, whereas in the future the company Masora will handle promotion and support in Switzerland. HEC offers solutions for the lift industry, including controllers for construction and modernization, design and implementation of CANopen Lift solutions, stocking and programming of the Safeline products, special controllers as a substitute for corporate-specific technology and complete modernization packages.

Safelines CANopen Lift product lines include: The SL6 lift emergency telephone with optional CANopen Lift interface, FD4-CAN and FD5-CAN floor displays with integrated voice annunciator, I/O boards (with 2, 4 or 8 inputs/outputs), and the lift controllers BP108 and BP308.

The FD4-CAN floor display offers an integrated voice announcer, which runs via the CANopen Lift bus system. The unit presents floors, fixed maintenance messages, and direction arrows through text and sound and it supports an arrival chime. Audio files and configuration setup is stored onto a Micro SD memory card by using a computer and the CAN-wizard software. If the device is powered up with an empty Micro SD card inserted, the unit will automatically copy the complete configuration onto the memory card. This enables the configuration to be transferred and copied between units with minimum effort. It is also equipped with four programmable in- and outputs and is delivered with a 3-W speaker fitted onto a stainless steel front plate in a plastic frame for surface mounted installation.