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Aerial ladders

Fire service for tight space conditions

The L20 and L20-FA (First Attack) from Metz Aerials (Germany) of the Rosenbauer Group are deployed wherever fire services are confronted with particularly tight space conditions. They measure only 9,0 m x 2,5 m x 3,75 m.

(Photo: Rosenbauer)

THE LADDERS ARE SUITABLE FOR TIGHT SPACE CONDITIONS such as in the cramped streets of the old city of Macau in China, the narrow lanes of Santiago de Compostella, Spain, or the tightly packed residential areas common in Germany. Like all Metz aerials, the latest generation of aerial ladders is equipped with CAN and fully automatic controls. The ladder set consists of four parts (previously three) and is electronically controlled.

According to the company, the hydraulics ensure positioning times well under a minute. When fully extended, they have a working height of 21,0 m and a maximum outreach (1-person limit with cage) of 15,9 m.
The folding cage has a load bearing capacity of up to 450 kg (four persons), four access points and a folding ladder for entry from window ledges. The vehicle is supported by vertical hydraulic jacks that do not extend beyond its contours. 

Among others, the company has supplied aerial ladders with a 21,0 m working height to the fire services in Munich, Straubing, Celle (MB Vario), Dresden, Pulsnitz, Niederkrüchten (MB Atego) and Weixdorf (MAN 15.255) in Germany. The first example of the current generation is going to the Adelaide Fire Service in Australia. This is a first attack vehicle equipped with a pump, an extinguishing agent tank and a crew cabin. The electrical monitor on the cage is supplied directly by the rear-mounted pump via an integrated telescopic waterway.

In addition, the ladder set is fitted with a power line. The aerial for the Adelaide Fire Service is built on a Scania 3-axis chassis and the eight storage compartments offer space for two first attack reels each with 90 m hoses, as well as SCBA fittings and a complete range of fire fighting equipment. 

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