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Automotive Networks 2014

The Hanser publishing house organizes the Automotive Networks 2014 congress. It will take place in Stuttgart (Germany) in November.

The CAN FD protocol is gaining increasingly acceptance in the automotive industry (Photo: Bosch)

THE EVENT FOCUSES ON COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS in cars and trucks. The presentations cover Ethernet-based solutions as well as CAN FD. Also Autosar will be an important topic. Bosch speakers present details on CAN FD. Infineon will discuss advantages and challenges of CAN FD from an implementer’s point of view.
The first micro-controllers implementing CAN FD are as samples available. General Motors and Daimler are the first carmakers planning to use the improved CAN data link layer. The protocol submitted to ISO for international standardization has passed the Committee Draft status and will be next voted as Draft International Standard.
On the evening before the one-day conference (November 13), the organizer has scheduled a social networking event. The event fee includes documentation, lunch, and refreshments.

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