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Extruder downstream devices

CiA 420 profile series updated

In cooperation with the nonprofit Euromap association, CiA has released reviewed versions of the CANopen profiles for extruder downstream devices and co-extruders. The specification series was introduced in the year 2002.

Typical extruder system with downstream devices (Photo: Krauss-Maffei Berstorff)

THE CANOPEN PROFILES FOR EXTRUDER DOWNSTREAM DEVICES are published under CiA 420 as well as Euromap 27. The jointly developed specifications include CANopen profiles for puller (part 2), corrugator (part 3), saw (part 4), simple and advanced co-extruder (part 5), and calibration-table (part 6). The update was mainly editorial such as text improvements and corrections. In the saw profile an actual groove counter has been introduced as well as a product groove set value. The puller profile now also specifies an automatic diameter adaptation. Part 1 describing some general definitions has also been improved editorially. Additionally, the recommended node-ID assignment is now normative.

The profile specification is an example for how machine builders can benefit from standardized interfaces. Available since 2002, the specification has been very stable since the release of the second edition (2004). All functional improvements are backwards compatible. The third edition was released in 2007. The Euromap 27 series has been implemented in several thousands of plastic extrusion systems. They produce mainly pipes and profiles (e.g. for windows). Normally, such systems comprise extruders and downstream devices from different brands.

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