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6th Polish CAN conference

Focus on military applications

The 6th Polish CAN conference was organized by Obrum (Poland) in cooperation with CiA. About 40 participants listened to about 20 presentations.

At the 6th Polish CAN conference, CiA provided two papers on CAN FD

THE TWO-DAY CONFERENCE TOOK PLACE IN CHORZÓW on September 18 and 19. The program topics were extended to other network technologies than CAN. Nevertheless many of the papers were focused on CAN. As in the previous five conferences, several presentations discussed military applications. Obrum presented its simulation and training systems of combat vehicles. But there were presented also civil applications, e.g. control architectures for mining machines. The conference was accompanied by a small tabletop exhibition, where Diga, Hydac, Microcontrol, and Posital showed their products.

Bosch Rexroth presented a hydraulic control for a military truck-mounted crane. The used hydraulic devices implement the CiA 408 CANopen profile. Jerzy Jura from Komag described the CAN-based control system architecture for mining machines using a proprietary application layer. Several speakers from the Silesian University of Technology as well as from Politechnica Slaska discussed their research projects. Most of the papers were given in Polish language simultaneously translated into English. The Powerpoint presentations were distributed to the participants directly after the conference. Many of them are in Polish language.

Dr. Martyna Ulinowicz from the Warsaw University of Technology reported about analysis of testing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). The UAV was completely CAN networked and the measured data was recorded in a CAN data logger. The in-flight tests covered different flight maneuvers. The introduced mathematical model with off-line analysis reduced the costs for flight tests.

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