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Three events under one roof

The VDI organized the 6th Electronics in Vehicles (ELIV) conference. This event is actually three conferences: Baden-Baden Special, E/E Commercial Vehicles, and E/E Mobile Machines. It took place on September 23 and 24.

About 450 attendees listened to 66 presentations (Photo: VDI)

THE CONFERENCE PARTICIPANTS HAD THE OPTION to listen to other conferences than the one they had registered for. The papers covered a broad range of topics. The Baden-Baden Special conference addressing passenger cars manufacturer and suppliers focused on human machine interfaces and multi-core processors. The E/E Commercial Vehicles conference discussed mainly how vehicles can become greener, safer, and more connected. Several papers of the E/E Mobile Machine conference were related to agriculture machines, while others addressed construction machines.

CAN technology was not the main focus of the event. Nevertheless, in several presentations, CAN was embedded, so-to-say. For example, the Servotwin steering system for trucks by ZF (Germany) is based on CAN communication.
It is connected to the lane departure warning and the lane keeping assistance systems. Another paper by Daimler explained the implementation of the system in trucks with various steering configurations.

Multi-core processors were one of the main topics. Some speakers already talked about units featuring more than six cores. Most of the presented solutions provided several CAN on-chip modules. Another topic in all three conferences was autonomous driving. Even mobile machine builders discussed it. Volvo presented its ideas to use CAN on-chip modules for repetitive tasks. The first concept studies are under development. Code names are Centaur, Gryphin, and Sfinx. Bosch discussed research results on mobile farming robots (nicknamed BoniRob) in a paper.

One conference paper discussed the current status of the improved CAN data link layer. The 64-byte payload and the higher bit-rate (more than 1 Mbit/s) may suit several of the above-mentioned applications and systems. The conferences were accompanied by a joint exhibition with about 40 companies.

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