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Multimedia navigation system

Retrofitting motorhomes

Combined with a vehicle-specific Omnimask kit, Zenec's Z-N720 multimedia navigation system integrates, both visually and technically, with different car models. Omnimask comes with CAN interfaces.

The system can show detailed maps of all European countries and displays of 3D terrains and landmarks (Photo: Zenec)

ALTHOUGH THE SYSTEM CORRESPONDS to the dimensions of standard 2-DIN devices, it is fitted with a removable front panel and thereby overcomes the limitations of the DIN standard established in 1984. The detachable front panel design provides for two different mounting and integration options: Deploying any of the commercially available car specific standard aftermarket 2-DIN mounting kits, the system is suitable for installation in most vehicles featuring a 2-DIN slot. In conjunction with a mounting kit of the Baseline Omnimask product line, technical and optical integration is provided, which then closely resembles OEM factory navigation systems. Omnimask is a retrofit concept that combines navigation technology with in-vehicle integration. The kits include a car specific front panel, CAN interfaces, antenna adapters, etc.

The navigation system offers precise 3D navigation thanks to NNG Primo 2.01 software, multimedia from CD, DVD, USB or iPod/iPhone, hands-free calling, and music streaming via Parrot Bluetooth. When combined with a vehicle-specific Omnimask kit, the system becomes a tailor-made navigation solution for a range of vehicle models. It connects to and operates with CAN interfaces to retain vehicle specific comfort functions of the steering wheel remote control, such as playback volume control, station and/or track skip and phone pickup/hang-up, etc.

If the user wants to change vehicles, they can fit the navigation system in the new car too, by combining it with a suitable Omnimask kit. The Swiss company offers kits for various vehicles from BMW, Mercedes, Smart, Fiat, Toyota, Peugeot, Citroen and Alfa Romeo; further sets will follow in the course of the coming months.