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CANopen Lift

Increasing acceptance and product releases

Several companies have recently launched CANopen Lift devices. At the Aufzugstage (Lift Days) conference in Heilbronn, a number of companies presented their innovations.

More than 340 participants at the 32nd Lift Days conference in Heilbronn (Photo: CiA)

CANOPEN LIFT, SPECIFIED IN CIA 417, is the only standardized communication system for lift control devices. The CANopen application profile specifies virtual device functions such as call and car drive controller, as well as floor panels, drive, and positioning units. The open standard lets elevator manufacturers select devices from different suppliers and integrate them into CANopen networks.

In Heilbronn at the 32nd Lift Days conference from March 10 to 11, Safeline (Sweden) showed its SL6 family of emergency and fire communication systems. It complies with the EN 81-28, EN 81-70, and EN 81-72 standards and is approved by the German TÜV. The product provides a CiA 417 compatible interface and can forward information from the CANopen Lift networks via PSTN and GSM.
No additional interface board is required for connecting up to 6 voice stations in the car, on the car roof, in the car pit, the machine room, or on the floor. The voice units are available in 16 different models for easy adaptation to most situations and needs.

More than 340 participants at the 32nd Lift Days conference in Heilbronn (Photo: CiA)

Elfin (Germany) has developed a display with CANopen Lift connectivity, which can communicate via the Internet. It can be used to display additional information from the Internet, e.g. weather forecasts or advertisements. But it can also be used for remote diagnostics, transmitting CANopen Lift internal information via the Internet to lift or device manufacturers.

More than 340 participants at the 32nd Lift Days conference in Heilbronn (Photo: CiA)

Ziehl-Abegg (Germany) presented its range of CiA 417 car drive units. The Zetadyn products are available in different versions (e.g. for room-less lifts or for installation in control cabinets). Besides these well-known CANopen Lift devices, Variotech (Austria) exhibited its Ants encoder, which provides a CiA 417 compliant interface. It measures the car position in millimeter and provides this absolute value via the CANopen interface. Elgo (Liechtenstein) showed its CiA 417 compliant encoders. The company also provides some products featuring CANopen Safety (e.g. Limax33 Red and Limax33 Safe).

Recently, Duometric (Germany) has introduced light grid units with CANopen Lift connectivity. The product uses parallel beams at a distance of 46 mm and a monitoring height of 1800 mm. Schaefer (Germany), known for its lift panels and one of the early-birds in the CANopen Lift business, has launched an access control system.
The system jointly developed with Boehnke + Partner, another CANopen Lift pioneer, features CiA 417 connectivity. The EKS reader unit by Schaefer communicates with the lift control systems by Boehnke + Partner. The unit replaces conventional key switches. RFID transponders are used for contactless access authorization. Generally, the reader does not decide about the access but transfers the data via CANopen to the lift controller, which manages the access.

More than 340 participants at the 32nd Lift Days conference in Heilbronn (Photo: CiA)

At this year’s Interlift tradeshow in Augsburg (Germany), more companies will launch CANopen Lift products. CiA will show some of them in its CANopen Lift demonstrator. This may include the overload measuring system by Dinacell (Spain), which competes with the AE12 system by Henning (Germany). It is able to monitor up to 12 individual rope tensions. There are four alarm thresholds: full load, over load, zero cabin, and slack rope tension. ETG’s (Germany) car door control unit is a candidate to be integrated into the demonstrator. In Heilbronn, the company showed a running prototype optionally featuring CANopen Lift connectivity.