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5-finger gripper hand

Almost human

The mechatronic SVH 5-finger gripper hand from Schunk, designed for service robot applications, is ready for serial production. The grippers are very similar to the human model.

The SVH allows man-robot communication via gestures (Photo: Schunk)

AFTER AN INTENSIVE CONCEPT PHASE, Schunk has added the anthropomorphic gripper hand to the standardized line of modules for mobile gripping systems. It is available as a left or right hand. The size, shape, and agility are similar to the human model. With a total of nine drives, the five fingers can execute diverse gripping operations. Elastic surfaces on the end finger joints ensure a reliable grip on objects. The electronics are completely integrated into the wrist, which allows the 5-finger hand to simulate nearly all human hand movements.

Moreover, numerous gestures are possible, which facilitate visual communication between man and service robot and increase acceptance for use in a human environment. Complete integration of the control and power electronics in the base of the hand allows compact solutions. Control is possible via either a CAN network or Profibus. Defined interfaces such as CANopen enable connection of the SVH to common industrial and lightweight robots. For use in mobile applications, the power supply is designed for battery-compatible 24 VDC operation.