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Control center

For supermarket refrigeration systems

The setup and commissioning of refrigeration systems in supermarkets or cold stores is made easier with Eckelmann's E*LDS system control center. With the CI 4x00 panel, it offers touch screen operation.

(Photo: Eckelmann)

THE REFRIGERATION TECHNICIAN CAN CONFIGURE and parameterize all E*LDS components via the CI 4x00. Due to the touch operation and screen keyboard the input is intuitive. Input assistance provides additional support. With the aid of list views one can gain an overview of the configuration and actual operating status of the refrigeration system:

With an authorization concept that separates diagnosis and configuration supermarket managers can access data relevant to their needs such as 24 h temperature lists for quality assurance in accordance with HACCP. Due to network capability, this can be done at any time on the office PC. Furthermore, energy and consumption data or temperature profiles can be called up in the form of diagrams.

(Photo: Eckelmann)

The CI 4x00 is downward compatible with earlier CI 3000 store computers. In comparison to the old computers, the new system control center offers a couple of advantages for the monitoring and management of E*LDS systems:

  • Quicker configuration and parameterization due to the touch operating concept,
  • Reduced energy consumption because of the multi-stage energy and load management,
  • Greater food safety via HACCP reports,
  • Alarm functions with messaging via SMS, email, or voice message,
  • Rapid system diagnosis,
  • Reliable energy and consumption data capture,
  • Integration of meters for heat, gas/oil, water, and electricity,
  • Energy monitoring and reporting with graphic representations of consumption figures,
  • IT security through clear authorization concept – from admin to the supermarket manager,
  • Integration of building control technology (BCT) for automation across maintenance groups, e.g. for heat recovery via DDC interface.

Interfaces for automation and networking

E*LDS is a regulation system for refrigeration systems enabling the networking of components such as pack controllers or case controllers undertaking decentralized regulation tasks. The higher order system control center organizes the central tasks. The CI 4x00 automates and monitors the various system functions while simultaneously serving as a front end for operating, parameterization, and (remote) maintenance.

(Photo: Eckelmann)

The CI 4x00 can operate at least one CAN network segment for the connection to a CAN terminal. The models CI 4500 and CI 4600 can operate two independent CAN network segments. In addition, it is equipped with interfaces common in today’s refrigeration technology and building automation, amongst others Ethernet (TCP/IP), Modbus TCP/ RTU, M bus, EIA-232, and USB (host & slave). The integrated real-time clock with power reserve and the integrated interfaces for DDC modules (Digital Direct Control) allow the connection of the supermarket’s control technology. The range of connection options can be expanded through the use of the Siox extension module (Serial Input/Output eXtension).

The CI 4x00 is delivered with full hardware specifications. The software defines the expansion stage and thus the desired range of functions. This makes it possible to upgrade a CI 4000, e.g. to a CI 4500.

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