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Evaluation electronics

For metal detectors in the wood industry

Mesutronic (Germany) provides metal detectors for various applications in the wood industry – for instance for installation in conveyor belts, slides, or swing conveyors. The metal detector’s evaluation electronics communicate via CAN.

All available variants of the evaluation electronics (Photo: Mesutronic)

THE HEART OF EVERY METAL DETECTOR and metal separator is the evaluation electronics. It determines the quality of the detection results and controls all device functions. At Mesutronic, two variants of the electronics are currently available: depending on the application and task, either a low-cost analog/digital version or the high-end digital version with graphic display and 4-button operation can be chosen, the Mesunet AMD 03, or the AMD 05 and AMD 07.

Auto-balance, temperature compensation, self-monitoring, multi-function noise filter and product effect masking are few of the functions included in the standard equipment of the evaluation electronics. The company’s metal detectors and metal separators can be networked and controlled by a central PC via a CAN (AMD 05) or Ethernet (AMD 07) interface. A WLAN module is optionally available for wireless connection of the devices and a remote maintenance module allows professional support by the manufacturer. AMD 05 devices can also be networked via CAN.

Metal detectors for many applications

The company offers various metal detectors: Closed and dividable tunnel metal detectors are suited for large product heights. They provide protection for chippers, shredders or mills. They detect all metals as inclusions or loose parts. A tunnel metal detector is not always necessary. In lower product heights, single plate metal detectors – so called underbelt detectors – are a cost-effective alternative. These detectors can be integrated into vibro channels and transport belts, since they only need small metal-free zone. Other metal detectors can be integrated into any swinging conveyor channel. The template for the production of the detector shape is always provided by the existing channel. These metal detectors require no additional metal-free zone.

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