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Stage IV engine and Isobus terminal

Steyr (Austria) has revised the CVT tractor and released seven new models from 111 kW to 179 kW. The tractors offer Stage IV FPT engine technology, Hi-eSCR only after-treatment, and an Isobus terminal.

The new CVT tractors have kept their distinctive look (Photo: Steyr)

WHILST THE DISTINCTIVE LOOK REMAINS, several updates contribute to the performance of the new CVT: The Stage IV engine technology is one key element of the CVT 2015 Evolution series. Seven models between 111 kW and 179 kW rated power feature Hi-eSCR only after-treatment without the need to use multiple components such as particulate filters and exhaust gas recirculation.

“The leading FPT engine and exhaust gas technologies along with Steyr tractors as premium brand make for an excellent match, offering the optimum solutions for our customers”, said Dan Stuart, Product Marketing Manager Tractors for Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

Additional features of the CVT 2015 Evolution include Power Boost in reverse, a revised cab with additional seat options and one piece front screen, an Easy Tronic advanced Headland Management Control system, reconfigurable electro-hydraulic spool valve control, and various additional options such as the wide loader frame option, high mount road lights, as well as LED and HID work light packages.

6,7 litre FPT engine: the heart of the CVT

The line-up includes tractors from 111 kW to 179 kW rated power, a maximum power of 123 kW to 194 kW, and a maximum boost performance of 142 kW to 201 kW. With a maximum boost torque of 805 Nm (CVT 6150) to 1160 Nm (CVT 6240), these tractors are ready for tasks in arable, livestock, and contracting operations as well as forestry or municipalities.

“It is not just the mere power of these engines that makes working with the Steyr CVT a very pleasant experience. These tractors are also very efficient and ‘clean’, delivering a frugal fuel consumption and thus an optimum combination of high performance and low operating cost. And: owners and operators will highly appreciate the 600 h service interval”, highlights Stuart.

The new CVT tractors have kept their distinctive look (Photo: Steyr)

Unobstructed view in the cab

Inside the cab, the CVT 2015 Evolution tractors also present several updates. These include the seamless single-piece front screen which provides an uninterrupted forward view and seat options: As standard, the CVT comes with Dual Motion low frequency and Dynamic Damping System suspension fabric seats with a sliding high back or the Maximo Evolution leather seats with active suspension.

The S-Tech 700 terminal updates include a remote valve configuration and Isobus Class III functionality, which – depending on the implement – automatically controls forward speed, rear hitch, electronic remote valves, and rear PTO functions on the tractor. The operating concept behind the S-Tech 700 monitor allows users to control the tractor completely. Due to complete Isobus compatibility, all Isobus-suitable attachments can also be controlled. This cuts down on the number of operating monitors in the cab.

“These new features will take considerable strain from the operator whilst increasing ease of operation during long working days. That is also true for the new shuttling aggressiveness selector, which now allows for settings according to individual preferences. In addition, the Easy Tronic advanced Headland Management Control system makes operators’ lives a lot easier: with a new and easy to use operator interface, the system allows more parameters to be set from more triggers, thus further increasing efficiency and performance of the ‘driver/tractor package’ whilst markedly reducing operator fatigue”, explains Dan Stuart.

The new CVT tractors have kept their distinctive look (Photo: Steyr)

Turning the night into day

New options for lighting packages include up to 16 LEDs. Both work lights and road lights are round in shape with the inner front work lights featuring long distance lenses. The standard package includes 12 LED cab work lights with six lights in the roof front and six in the roof rear plus two halogen work lights in the bonnet. As an option, also 16 LED cab work lights with six in the front roof, six in the rear roof, plus two on the front belt-line brackets and another two at the base of the rear posts and two halogen lights in the bonnet are available. High mount road lamps are now mounted on the dedicated light bracket and offer both high and low beam.

“Using a tractor efficiently is about getting things done as effectively, easily, and quickly as possible. That is why our engineers have also made further improvements on the ladder hitches”, says Dan Stuart. “With 360 mm, the slider frame for the tow hitch insert has received a wider design. This enables easier propeller shaft connection to the PTO. In addition, the new pin-type fixation of the trailer hitch in the ladder frame increases transport safety whilst the permissible vertical load increases in the lowest three positions of the slider frame from 2500 kg to 3500 kg for piton inserts and even 4000 kg for K80 inserts”, Stuart concludes.

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