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Round baler

Tackling tough crop conditions

Case IH’s RB5 series round baler offers greater capacity and durability compared to its predecessors, with superior bale shape and density. It combines a wider pickup with an overshot rotor feeder, for more aggressive feeding.

The RB 455 module (Photo: Case IH)

REDESIGNED FOR THE TOUGHEST CROPS and conditions, the RB455 and RB465 offer advanced features compared to their predecessors. Tim Slater, Case IH Product Manager for Hay and Harvest, said the variable chamber round balers are the result of three years’ rigorous worldwide field testing.

“We’re thrilled to present Australian producers with a new level of baling technology and performance,” said Slater. “We tested the balers worldwide in a variety of conditions, and found that the RB5 series has an increased capacity of up to 20 % and a bale density improvement of up to 5 % over the previous RB4 series. “That’s no surprise, since the RB5 series pickup is made for greater capacity and durability. It combines cutting-edge components, including a new, wider pickup with an overshot rotor feeder, perfect for more aggressive feeding.”

Enhanced electrical systems

Both balers feature now an Isobus electrical system for greater control. They come standard with the AFS Pro 300 touchscreen, offering better graphics and navigation. Or users can use the baler with an existing virtual terminal on any Isobus-equipped tractor. There’s also a CAN-based electrical system, with an H-Bridge used to control the power to the electric motors. The solid-state design is more durable than mechanical relays that were used previously.

For better bales

The RB455 and RB465 produce bales of up to 1,5 meters and 1,8 meters in diameter respectively. Both models also feature a dual cylinder hydraulic density system. “The two cylinders have 13 790 kPa, providing more force than a single cylinder at 17 926 kPa – increasing bale density and consistency across the bale,” said Slater.

“By boosting the number of pickup reel bars from four to five, farmers get more consistent feeding, a more efficient movement of crop from the pickup to the feeder, and more tynes to get all of the crop picked up – especially short crops.” There’s also a two-meter wide pickup with an overshot rotor, for more aggressive feeding. This eliminates crop hesitation, resulting in a more consistent crop mat fed into the bale chamber, giving an even bale formation. The in-line augers handle heavy thick windrows, reducing the chance of plugging.

In the event of plugging of the rotor, the drop floor under the rotor, which is controlled by the operator from the cab, provides the customer with a convenient way to clear the plug and resume baling. Other features are an enhanced net wrap system, with net loading, an optional twine wrap system for accuracy, an in-cab controlled drop floor for rotor unplugging, rubber mounted pickup tynes for performance, an endless belt with a spliceless design, and rotor feed and rotor cut configurations to choose from.

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