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AEF certificate

First certified Isobus plough control

Lemken is the first manufacturer worldwide to offer an Isobus plough control. The plough control was tested according to the guidelines of the AEF.

The AEF-certified plough control in action (Photo: Lemken)

THE JUWEL MOUNTED REVERSIBLE plough features an electrohydraulic turnover device and hydraulic tilt adjustment. The Turn Control Pro Isobus plough control system allows the tilt, working width, and working depth, among others, to be controlled from the terminal without any need for additional control devices. The system also features GPS-controlled working width adjustment.

The AEF (Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation) certification gives operators certainty that they will be able to control their ploughs safely and reliably via a Lemken terminal or alternatively via an Isobus-compatible terminal on the tractor.

According to the company, Lemken was the first manufacturer to offer Isobus-based plough control, which has now been successfully tested. The Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation is the umbrella organization that led the Isobus development. Products successfully tested by the AEF’s test laboratories are awarded the “Isobus Certified” label, which the Juwel ploughs will be the first to display at this year’s Agritechnica in Hanover.

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