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Fakuma fair

Material loader and dosing unit

During the Fakuma, the international trade fair for plastic processing, Motan-Colortronic will show combinations of established technologies from both companies. Their material loaders and dosing units are controlled via CAN.

The Miniblend V with disc dosing is ideal for translucent and opaque parts (Photo: Motan)

THE FOCUS WILL BE ON THE METRO G material loaders, which can be integrated into existing Colortronic systems. At the same time, existing Colortronic material loaders can be integrated into new Motan systems. This offers flexibility and saves costs. The synchronous dosing unit Miniblend V is also a combination of engineering from both companies. Both Metro G and Miniblend V can be controlled via CAN. The 24th Fakuma takes place in Friedrichshafen from October 13 to 17.

Synchronous dosing units improve recipe accuracy

Colortronic mechanics have been combined with Motan controls and extended with additional features for the Miniblend V. The volumetric dosing and mixing unit was designed for free and normal flowing materials and is suitable for translucent and opaque parts. As an additive dosing unit, it is suitable for injection moulding and extrusion applications.

The brushless motor can be removed without tools and is fitted with integrated motor management, which provides continuous operation. The control’s communication occurs via CAN technology. The unit can be operated with volumetric Motan controls. Using the intuitive touch screen color display, an unproblematic operation of the additive auto calibration is possible and up to 50 recipes can be saved.

As a synchronous dosing unit, the Miniblend V offers recipe accuracy and reproducibility, which can be traced at any time. The additive is fed vertically and is gravity fed into the inlet of the processing machine through the Y-shaped mixing throat of the unit. This prevents material buildup and bridging effects. The main material and the additive are combined just before the inlet of the processing machine. Only at this point do they flow together to create a homogenous mixture – without material segregation.

The particular benefit of disc dosing is the dosing consistency. Compared to screw dosing units, the dosing consistency at throughputs of 0,5 kg/h to 5 kg/h can be doubled. The dosing discs are available in three different versions (optional wear resistant versions) from 0,05 kg/h to 10,5 kg/h (bulk density 0,6 kg/h). When dosing small throughputs, a single granule can have a huge effect on the mixture accuracy. In order to solve this problem, all dosing discs are fitted with a cutting device. This makes it possible to cut granules into smaller pieces in order to consistently dose the smallest throughputs.

The building blocks of the granulate material loaders (Photo: Motan)

Modular building block principle

Motan engineers have combined technology from both companies with the Metro G material loader and extended it with additional features. Metro G's modular building block system allows users to configure and create material loaders for any application. Different sizes of material inlets, which can be matched to material throughputs and conveying distances, are offered in addition to various material loader volumes.

The material loaders can be operated either with a cost effective solution or a state-of-the-art controls system. To begin with, the customer can choose between three different loader controls. Furthermore, different centralized conveying controls are available: The network-compatible tool for complex conveying systems is the Metronet A, either with decentral CAN nodes, soft PLC or Siemens S7 PLC, or with a webpanel. All Metronet controls are integrated into the Controlnet platform and can be networked with other controls via Ethernet.

Modules with a tangential material inlet that operate with a cyclone effect are still available for materials with difficult separation behavior. Customers can also choose between different vacuum valves. Thus, a standard unit can be upgraded to a clean room version with a special membrane vacuum valve. A dedusting module enables fine dust removal at the end of the conveying process in order to protect the following processing step if there is a particularly high demand for material quality. The material loaders allow the configuration of a suitable conveying system for individual requirements.

Motan and Colortronic

The Motan Group, with its headquarters in Constance on Lake Constance in Germany, was founded in 1947. As a provider of sustainable material handling, the company is active in injection molding, blow molding, extrusion and compounding, in-line systems, and chemicals. Part of the application-orientated product spectrum are modular systems solutions for storage, drying, and crystallization, conveying, dosing and mixing for the plastics manufacturing and processing industries.

With the acquisition of the Colortronic group, Motan entered the plastics compounding industry in 2006. Since then, the company has expertise that covers the complete process chain for raw materials handling within the plastics industry. Since 2009, all new products are developed under the Motan brand and distributed through the Motan-Colortronic regional centers. The first product of this generation, combining both technologies, was the Minicolor screw and disc dosing unit.

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