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CAN-linked control panel

Massey Ferguson is launching two combine harvesters for the 2016 season: the MF 7340 Activa combine, which is powered by a four-cylinder engine, and the six-cylinder powered MF 7344 Activa.

The Activa 7344 in a new design (Photo: Massey Ferguson)

THE MF ACTIVA 7340 COMBINE IS POWERED by a 131 kW, AGCO Power 4,9 liter, four cylinder engine, employing engine technology that boosts power density. This enables the four-cylinder engine to improve efficiency and economy. “It’s been a long time since a combine has been powered by a four cylinder engine,” says Adam Sherriff, Manager Marketing Massey Ferguson. “This offers the operating benefits of a six cylinder, but in a lighter, smaller package.”

The large displacement, 4,9 liter, four valve/cylinder engine features fourth generation common rail fuel injection and controls and employs maintenance free SCR technology to meet the latest emissions standards with low fuel consumption. With the engine comes a CAN-linked control panel in the cab. This color screen shows a range of engine and combine operating information.

A ‘sectional’ concave, which can be changed through the stone trap, further improves the combine’s harvest quality in a range of crops. This allows operators to switch the front section of the concave to, for example, a wider maize unit without the need to remove the elevator.

Six cylinder engine and Power Flow header

The MF Activa 7344, which replaces the MF Activa 7244, is available with the option of a 5,5 m wide Power Flow header. This brings the benefits of this output enhancing cutterbar to users of smaller combines, providing improved performance in oilseed rape, while improving cutting and output in a range of crops. “Power Flow is proven to boost output by up to 73 % in oilseed rape, 15 % in wheat and 12 % in barley. It is also particularly useful in difficult conditions, helping farmers secure more of their harvest, more quickly,” explains Mr. Sherriff.

The five straw-walker is powered by a 163 kW AGCO Power, 7,4 liter, six-cylinder engine. This engine is set to deliver the torque and response required for efficient performance when combine harvesting. The harvester also benefits from the same drum and concave with independent adjustment as the MF Activa 7340. It also benefits from the Active Rear Beater Concave, for optimum threshing in a wide variety of crops and conditions.

The combine harvester features the same multi-function lever and CAN terminal as the MF Activa 7340 and is topped off with new styling. This follows the Massey Ferguson Combine family feel with a new cab roof, grey upper part, and a rear straw hood. A wider flanged Rockinger trailer hitch is another option.