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Mobiltron 2015

The bigger picture

Sensor-Technik Wiedemann (STW) organized the Mobiltron 2015 event presenting solutions on mobile machines. Mavericks got also some slots.

The Pistenbully with multiple CAN networks can be used indoor (Photo: Kaessbohrer)

THE TWO-DAY EVENT WITH ABOUT 70 PARTICIPANTS started with a more philosophic presentation by Frank Rinderknecht from Rinspeed (Switzerland). He talked about the future of transportation, home and industry automation as well as some megatrends. STW (Germany), a provider of CAN-based control equipment for mobile machines, organizes annually the Mobiltron workshop with presentations by customers, partners, and sometimes also competitors. The talks are mainly technology oriented; product placements are undesired.

Peter Betz from Kaessbohrer (Germany) explained the new control platform for the Pistenbully slope preparation vehicles. Since 2005, the company uses several CAN-based networks in its vehicles. The next system architecture also uses CAN-connected controllers. The six networks have clearly defined interfaces between the driver cabin and the chassis. One CAN network is dedicated for the e-drive system (Mela-CAN). In the driver cabin, there is one main controller connected directly to five CAN networks. The generic I/O modules use the very same hardware. They are configured by the main controller, which simplifies system integration as well as substitution of modules in case of maintenance. There is also a second programmable controller in the system, which manages the drive.

Other presentations were focused on on-board and cloud diagnostics, telematics and tele-services. This included the speech by Dr. Grothaus from m2expert discussing a fleet management system tailored on access for different parties. The presented software runs on STW’s controller with four CAN interfaces. Timo Löw from Bomag (Germany) introduced the telematic solution for compactors. Another maverick, Dr. Emde from the Open Source Automation Development Lab (OSADL) expressed his wish list for deterministic connectivity based on open standards.

Dr. Rössger presented his ideas on human machine interfaces. He talked about the inner fish: How our genetic heritage determines HMI solutions. Other topics of the Mobiltron 2015, which was focused on connectivity, included mobile machines as Internet of things (IoT), CAN FD, Powerlink, and BroadR-Reach. There was also a paper by Thomas Köbrich, an attorney, featuring data protection laws from different aspects. Armin Bicker and Dr. Regler from Bauer Maschinen rounded out the topic of web-based connectivity for mobile machines using embedded CAN networks. This approach uses GSM as well as Internet to forward machine-internal data for fleet management and remote diagnostic purposes.

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