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Agritechnica 2015

Modules for the Cloud of Things

At the Agritechnica fair in Hanover, Germany, STW presents a CAN-related solution that is compatible with the Cloud of Things platform maintained by Deutsche Telekom.

(Photo: STW)

STW‘S (GERMANY) DATA MANAGEMENT and telematics module Connex-TC3G allows the collection of information coming from control units and sensors of an agricultural vehicle and takes care of transmitting these data to the Cloud of Things. The platform in turn enables customers to integrate into higher level processes thus supporting Industry 4.0 and specifically Farming 4.0.

The access to data being generated when working with agricultural machines becomes more and more important. With the Cloud of Things by Deutsche Telekom an access is possible anytime and from anywhere. The web portal of this cloud solution offers displaying of the sensor data and status messages of accessory equipment in a comfortable way from a PC, notebook, or tablet. With the Cloud of Things the biggest part of day-to-day work can be centralized and automated. Via the web portal, sensor data of all connected vehicles and devices can be gathered and linked logically. Critical states of operation will be recognized automatically and emergency notifications will be generated. In this way, information is presented in a manageable way. An interface takes care of transferring data into private or standard enterprise systems allowing the integration into the value chain. Farming 4.0 becomes reality.

Within the agricultural machine STW’s Connex-TC3G takes control and manages the collection of data and the transfer to Telekom’s cloud platform. The module is programmed and configured for an automatic plug-and-play connection to the Cloud of Things, followed by an integration with the pool of already existing vehicles and devices. The definition of the significant CAN data can be done with an intuitive user interface.

The Connex-TC3G is a module withstanding the harsh requirements in the agricultural environment. It is certified according to agricultural, construction machinery and automobile standards, which include shock and vibration resistance. The plastic enclosure offers protection against dust and water according to class IP67. It comes in two versions: With integrated antennas or with connectors for external antennas which enable GPS reception and communication going even in adverse installation positions.

STW presents its Cloud of Things-compatible data management and telematics module at stand F53 in hall 15 at the Agritechnica, which takes place from 8 to 14 November. In addition, STW is co-exhibitor at the stand G12 of the German Farmer’s Association also in hall 15. Here you find the Deutsche Telekom as well.

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