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Central electric module with CAN

STW and Erni (both Germany) have teamed up and developed Cube. It is a passive central electric unit for mobile machines and automotive applications.

Erni and STW have developed a central electric called Cube (Photo: STW/Pressebox)

CENTRAL ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS are responsible for the protection, distribution, switching, and regulation of the electrical energy in a vehicle. In addition to the protection of the individual power circuits, larger loads, which for example include lights, lamps, air conditioning, and heating, can be directly switched or regulated. In collaboration with Erni, Sensor-Technik Wiedemann (STW) has developed solutions for the mobile machine market and automotive applications.

The passive central electric Cube, which is already a familiar Erni product, is in future to be made available as an intelligent version with a control unit by STW. Through the use of control modules, the new product is compatible with the STW control system portfolio and the STW toolchain.

In addition to the savings potentials offered by a central electric module (wiring and assembly for example), the system brings further benefits: The maintenance of legal requirements, diagnosis (e.g. inputs, outputs, fuses), error messages, extendibility, and the realization of convenience functions such as Coming-home or Leaving-home. The central electrical system functions as a decentralized control unit in the vehicle’s CAN network.

An advantage is the availability of customer-specific software implementation. In this way, the customer has the possibility to link the inputs and outputs via software as required. Like most central electrical systems, these units are also supplied via an M8 threaded bolt. The connections to the peripherals take place via Erni connectors. The housing protection can be configured up to IP69K, in order to cope with environments such as those in the building trade, in agriculture, and in other special vehicles and machines.

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