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CiA 447 application profile

Updated specification for special-purpose cars

CAN in Automation (CiA) has released a new version of the CiA 447 application profile for car add-on devices. This specification is intended for police cars, ambulances, taxis, and vehicles for disabled drivers.

CiA 447 is intended for special-purpose vehicles such as taxis and police cars (Photo: CiA)

CAR ADD-ON DEVICES COMPRISE ROOF BARS, digital radio, taximeter, etc. The most important benefit for system designers is the standardized gate to the in-vehicle networks (IVN). Daimler, General Motors with its brands Opel and Vauxhall as well as the Volkswagen group including Audi provide already a CiA 447 compliant gateway.

The application profile specifies a full-meshed SDO communication. This is why the number of nodes is limited to 16. Part 1 of the CiA 447 series specifies additionally a reset network by ignition function and extended virtual devices (e.g. camera control, car-to-car communication, accident data recorder). The new version of part 2 and part 3 define some parameters, which have a different meaning as in the previous version. Part 4 specifying the CAN-IDs for the CANopen communication objects (e.g. for SDOs and PDOs) has been just improved editorial without technical changes.

General CiA 447 interface boards and tools are available (Photo: Embedded Systems Academy)

One of the providers of CiA 447 base products is Embedded Systems Academy (Germany). In cooperation with Peak (Germany), the company offers CANopen interface boards and gateways running the CANopen protocol stack and the CiA 447 profile software. Additionally, dedicated CiA 447 tools are provided.