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Trend to in-house events

CAN and CAN-related seminars, workshops, and trainings are provided increasingly as in-house events or online as webinars.

The open CiA seminars are as far as possible product and provider independent, the first events in 2016 are scheduled already in January, CiA also provides in-house seminars tailored to the customers requirements (Photo: CiA)

YOU CAN LEARN THE CAN BASICS by yourself reading a book or visit websites providing some information about Controller Area Network. In the past, many companies offered seminars, workshops, and trainings as open events. On those days, companies gave their engineers the chance to learn technologies in advance of a project. But those days are gone: Today, staff is educated just, when there is a project. This is why just a few seminar providers schedule CAN seminars for newcomers. Besides the CiA association, Emtas, Microcontrol, and Vector offer in Germany such basic information events. They also offer dedicated CANopen and J1939 seminars. Most of the seminar providers, e.g. Elexon and HMS/Ixxat, focus on in-house events. Of course, many CAN device manufacturers offer product-oriented trainings (e.g. Intrepid), which include basic information on CAN or CANopen, etc.

Another trend is online training. In particular in North America, webinars are increasingly popular. SAE offers an online CAN seminar featuring not just the basics, but also information about J2284, J1939, etc. Trainer is Mark Zachos. There are also some interesting Youtube videos explaining the CAN protocol. ESD (USA) provides the handouts for its online seminar as PDF download. Lecturer is Wilfred Voss, who is also the publisher of several CAN-related books.

New CiA seminars

CiA has scheduled new seminars: CAN FD in detail as well as CAN in the world of IoT (Internet of Things) and Industry 4.0. The CAN FD special seminar covers not just the basics, but also more detailed information on the physical layer design (e.g. CiA 601 series) and the higher-layer protocols (e.g. CANopen FD and CiA 602 series). The CAN and IoT seminar addresses decision makers and system designers, who want to integrate CAN-based solutions into the IT world. The content include gateways to TCP/IP networks (CiA 309 series) as well as middleware solutions (e.g. OPC UA mapping to CANopen) and logical addressing of nodes and parameters.

Of course, CiA continues its CAN/CAN FD and CANopen seminars for newcomers as well as the CANopen Safety and special purpose seminars (e.g. for subsea). The first CAN/CAN FD and CANopen seminars take place end of January in Nuremberg. Presentation language is German. The first English seminars are scheduled in Helsinki (February) and Prague (April). The seminars in Linz (March) and Zurich (April) will be held in German language.

CiA plans also some information events for decision makers. They will provide an overview on the future of the CAN technology, the standardization activities in different markets as well as application intelligence information. The next international CAN Conference is planned for March 2017 in Nuremberg in conjunction with 25 anniversary of the nonprofit CiA association.