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Printing with multiple materials

3D printers are often specialized machines that print specialized materials. Hyrel’s 3D printers are more flexible: instead of buying a printer, the customer can exchange the printer head.

The core system works with variable printer heads (Photo: Hyrel 3D)

THE CORE SYSTEM 30M WORKS with multiple materials: clay, plasticine, sugru, silicone RTV, porcelain, ABS, PLA, nylon, and more. A dual CAN architecture and micro-stepping motor drivers built the electronics.

Hyrel 3D has now announced the launch of its Syringe Delivery System (SDS) line of extruders for 3D printers. Each extruder head has local control via CAN and a micro-controller. The extruders allow users to print material directly from syringes, which can be filled, swapped, and stored by the user. There are no limitations on the types of material that can be loaded into the syringes, which means the end of monopolies on material supply chains by 3D printing companies.

The SDS line of extruders works exclusively with Hyrel 3D systems, and supports syringes in sizes ranging from 100 µl to 60 ml. Up to four extruders can be loaded on a Hyrel System 30M, which allows layering and gradient prints. Materials and ratios can be mixed and matched on demand.

The SDS 5 (Photo: Hyrel)

The SDS has applications in the biological, medical, mechanical, and electronics fields. It can dispense thousands of materials with nanoliter resolution, including bio-gels and liquids used for bioplotting; proteins, steroids, and PEG gels; RGB materials; and conductive pastes and liquids.

“The SDS opens up the unrestricted sourcing of chemicals for 3D printing — you’re no longer restricted to what suppliers will sell you,” Hyrel Chief Technology Office Karl Gifford said. “It’s ideal for people that want to develop cost-effective applications in numerous fields.” The cost of the extruders start at $400 for a basic single print head. Quad-extrusion print heads that are compatible with micro-fluidic mixing chips start at $ 2500.

Hyrel 3D is a manufacturer of versatile 3D printers. The company designs and manufactures more than 20 different print heads for its System 30M, which can be used interchangeably thanks to the machine’s modular mounting system. The System 30M can print with thousands of materials, as well as perform subtractive manufacturing functions like laser cutting, engraving and routing. Hyrel is headquartered in Norcross, Georgia (US).

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