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Q&A with Wachendorff

“We support CAN freestyle”

Thilo Nagel from Wachendorff Elektronik (Germany) answered six questions on the company’s CAN business. The company plans a new generation of displays.

Thilo Nagel, general manager at Wachendorff Elektronik (Photo: Topcon)

Q: Since 1998, you offer the Opus series of HMI products. Which are the most important markets you are addressing?

A: TWe are focused on the off highway market and therefore historically we are very strong in the agricultural market. But still there is no limit if you need a rugged and reliable display in your application.

Q: How important is your Projektor tool for the success of the Opus series?

A: The Projektor Tool is a very important and big part of our success story. At the moment it is in its 3rd generation, but we are improving the tool all the time with our ideas and the feedback of our clients who are already using it. So this is very necessary because software is never finished, but it is our goal to satisfy the needs of the users.

Q: Which CAN-based higher-layer protocols are the most requested ones?

A: We can’t say absolutely; that depends mainly on the market and the application. We support CANopen, J1939, Isobus, and CAN 2.0, which we call “CAN freestyle”.

Q: Which trends do you see for CAN interfaces? Is CAN FD already a topic?

A: CAN as a common accepted standard will stay for a long time. We see Ethernet ¬ whether it is Ethercat, Profinet, or Powerlink – in the near future in our industry. Compared to industrial automation we see that different network topologies are needed. There are a lot of big data and cloud discussions going on, I think we all need to think about what data is really needed at what time. So an oil temperature of an engine every 10 ms on a bus system is in 99,8 % not the needed info.

Q: In 2014, Topcon has acquired Wachendorff Elektronik. What has been achieved so far?

A: With the very similar customers of both enterprises we can support them as a total solution supplier. We are producing the displays for the Topcon agricultural branch.

Q: Which new CAN developments are in the pipeline?

A: Just the next display generation. Better, faster, safer, cheaper.

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